Brushes + Sponges Bundle


Amazing, high quality synthetic brushes AND both ultra-soft multi purpose sponges. Complete with a gorgeous easy to clean black makeup bag that can fit all your essential glam goodies and then some! 

A $71 Value!



Set Includes: 

LBE-1: Large fluffy blender brush
Dense fluffy blender brush
LBE-3: Small fluffy blender brush
LBE-4: Flat packing brush
LBE-5: Fluffy packing brush
LBE-6: Small pencil brush
LBE-7: Mini packing brush
+ Brush Bag 

1 x Classic Pink Sponge

1 x Black Definer Sponge

    • Latex Free
    • Odor-resistant
    • Durable and long-lasting 


How to Use: 
First off, make sure you get her wet before using. Soak with water and squeeze (don't twist) out the excess. She expands when wet and shrinks back down when dry.

Make sure to wash her in between uses please, baby nobody likes a dirty sponge.

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