Moon Spell No. 2 Gloss + Brush Bundle


The COVETED full collection bundle! The Moon Spell Vol. 2 bundle comes with Moon Spell Vol. 2, Hallows Eve Liquid Lipstick, Coven Lip Gloss, Bitchcraft Lip Gloss and the Lunar Beauty Brush Set (bag included)!

A $151 value!


Coven Lip Gloss: 

Transparent nude gloss with golden reflect shimmer.

Bitchcraft Lip Gloss: 

Ruby gloss with pink reflect shimmer.

Hallows Eve Liquid Lipstick:

Spicy pumpkin comfort matte.

Moon Spell Vol. 2 Color Palette:

Agatha -transparent white reflect glitter
Luna - transparent multi dimension reflect glitter with slightly pink base
Mildred - gold shimmer with pink shift
Myrtle - purple / blue duochrome shimmer
Misty - rose gold shimmer
Alex - matte lilac
Camryn - matte coral orange
Sally - matte coral pumpkin
Gillian - matte purple orchid
Willow - matte vibrant red
Louise - royal purple shimmer
Zelda - magenta shimmer
Hilda - matte berry pink
Grams - ruby shimmer
Freya - matte coral red
Maggie - matte deep grape
Mel - matte neutral deep brown
Macy - matte deep plum
Queenie - matte deep burgundy
Marie - deep charcoal matte shade with red reflect glitter

Brush Set:

LBE-1: Large fluffy blender brush
Dense fluffy blender brush
LBE-3: Small fluffy blender brush
LBE-4: Flat packing brush
LBE-5: Fluffy packing brush
LBE-6: Small pencil brush
LBE-7: Mini packing brush
+ Brush Bag

Lip Glosses and Liquid Lipsticks Made in USA
Color Palette & Brushes Made in PRC

Moon Spell Vol. 2 Color Palette
Coven Lip Gloss
Bitchcraft Lip Gloss
Hallows Eve Liquid Lipstick

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