Dreamy Lip Gloss: 

Net Wt 0.10 oz / 3 g

Peach gloss with hints of pink and blue.

Moon Prism Blush: 

Net Wt. 0.96 oz / 27.24 g

Pink Moon: Pale pink in matte finish
Twilight: Bright coral orange in matte finish
Spacey: Deep terra-cotta in matte finish
Soleil: Rose shimmer with gold reflect
Stargaze: Dusty rose in matte finish
Gravity: Deep toned cinnamon in matte finish

Life's a Drag Facelift:

Net Wt. 0.53 oz / 15.12 g

All Tea: matte pale peach with slight yellow under tone
Diva: matte soft petal pink
Meaty: matte terracotta warm brown
Full Fantasy: peal glitter topper
Correct: matte orange
Clocked: matte blue violet
C'mon Sis: matte green
Cake Face: Matte pure white
Shady: Matte pure black
Sickning: Matte soft peach transition
Trade: Matte deep burgundy 
Hunty: Matte cool tone brown 
Mug: Matte deep warm brown 
Campy: Matte bright yellow 
Kai Kai: Matte bright pink 
Pageant Queen: Matte purple 
Snatched: Matte deep red 
Kiki: Matte soft mint 
Fishy: Satin blue shade 
Beat: Micro glitter foiled peach 
Legendary: Micro glitter foiled gold

Aries Lashes

100% faux mink lash that is wispy and pretty! This lash is perfect to really open the eye and give you that larger than life fantasy! Lash fibers vary in size and cluster together to really add dimension to the eye!

Black Sponge

  • Latex Free
  • Odor-resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting