About Manny MUA

Founder + Product Developer of Lunar Beauty

MannyMUA is a makeup artist, beauty expert and pioneer in the makeup world, consistently blurring the lines of gender in cosmetics. His hilariously relatable YouTube videos made him a wildly popular makeup influencer, making history as the first male face for Maybelline.

With Lunar Beauty, Manny designs not only beautiful custom cosmetics but also an inclusive cosmetic community. Lunar Beauty is a place for the imagination to run wild and for anyone to be anything and everything they’ve ever dreamed they could be.


If you don't like it don't fu**ing watch it.

This channel is a place for makeup lovers to come together and enjoy MAKEUP! If you want a review, to get ready together, a crazy unboxing or amazing collabs this is the channel for you to watch! Lets be besties!

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