Eternal Eclipse: 

Flare: Icy peach shade with reflect gold glitter
Adamantium: True silver metallic shimmer
Meteor: Glitter topper with blue, pink and gold reflect glitter
Gold Dust: Antique gold shimmer
Desert Sky: Bronze shimmer
Dusk: Matte peach
Rosethorn: Matte dusty rose
Sandstorm: Matte tawny brown
Summer Sky: Matte chestnut brown
Earthbender: Matte chocolate brown
Starry Eyed: Gunmetal shimmer with holographic reflect glitter
Smoke: Matte deep gray
Deep Sea: Deep blue shimmer with blue reflect glitter
Lagoon: Matte deep navy
Night Sky: Matte black with multidimensional reflect glitter

Moon Spell:

Prue: Pink/purple reflect glitter
Piper: Berry shimmer with pink undertone
Phoebe: Purple glitter shade with blue reflect
Paige: Orchid matte shade
Sabrina: Matte purple
Winifred: Medium brown matte with an orange undertone
Sarah: Light taupe with a soft pink undertone
Mary: Antique gold with reflect glitter
Samantha: Rose gold shimmer
Kiki: Deep warm brown matte
Hermione: Gold glitter topper with pink reflect
Bonnie: Lime green matte
Marnie: Army green matte
Nancy: Teal matte
Fiona: Deep turquoise shimmer with black undertone

Strawberry Dream:

Blue Diamond: White shimmer with blue reflect
Sweet Dream: Light pink lavender shimmer with reflect
Ruby Skies: Bright pink shimmer with reflect
Horizon: Yellow gold shimmer
Nightfall: Maroon shimmer
Cloudy: Very light petal pink matte
Skyline: Light coral matte
Sunrise: Bright red matte
Strawberry Moon: Deep berry maroon pink matte
Sunset: Raspberry matte 
Lightning: White shimmer with gold undertone
Pink Flash: Neon pink matte
Blue Sky: Aqua blue matte
Haze: Cobalt blue matte
Storm Cloud: Dark brown with red undertone matte

Greek Goddess:

Hestia: Matte off-white with pink undertone 
Harmonia: Matte muted mustard transition shade 
Selene: Micro glitter foiled copper 
Aphrodite: Matte deep maroon 
Hera: Micro glitter foiled bronze gold 
Circe: Deep Rose gold pressed glitter 
Clio: Matte taupe with pink undertone 
Iris: Micro glitter foiled rose gold
Nemesis: Blue pressed glitter with black undertone 
Rhea: matte rust transition 
Artemis: matte medium orange transition 
Athena: shimmer taupe shade with pink undertone 
Persephone: matte warm brown transition 
Calliope: matte deep plum brown 
Calypso: satin deep brown shade