How To Apply the Lashes

There are sooo many ways to apply lashes. If you have a technique you like, go for it! You do you! Here’s a few tips from us:

  1. Start by curling your natural lashes.
  2. Using your tweezers, carefully pull from the outer corner and lift out of box. Your lashes are like a relationship…be gentle and delicate if you want it to last!
  3. Hold the lashes with the tweezers (or fingers, we don’t judge) and apply a thin line of glue. Let it sit for roughly 20 seconds to get the glue nice and tacky and then bring that lash straight on in. The key is getting it as close to your lashline as possible.
  4. Some lash curlers can crimp lashes so we recommend staying away. Instead, carefully pinch the falsies and your real lashes together. We want those babies to blend!


  1. At the end of the day, gently (we repeat GENTLY) pull them off holding the band only on either end. Always pull from the band and never the lashes! Pulling on the lashes can result in ripping or pulling out fibers. Repeat on your second eye.
  2. Store in the molded tray in the lash box they came in to help keep their shape. That baby is reusable and there for a reason. Use her! If you take care of them, they can last about 20 wears. Mascara, especially waterproof, can significantly reduce how many wears you get out of them.
  3. If your lashes have build up, here’s what to do:
  4. First off, please don’t wash them or get them wet. It’ll ruin them. Carefully use a clean spooky to remove any buildup. If you have any leftover glue on the band, carefully remove with tweezers and a steady hand. Please please don’t rub! They’re delicate, remember?